Returning Your Containers

If you are enrolled in our Container Return Program, a special recycling icon (♻️) will be visible on your packing slip included in your order. This icon will let our delivery drivers know whether or not you are actively enrolled.

To return your containers:

  1. Rinse, clean, and sanitize your containers (dishwasher or sink with soap) 
  2. Place your containers in an empty F&F delivery bag along with your ice pack
  3. On your next delivery day, your driver will collect your containers, bags, and ice packs

We accept any rigid plastic including salad containers (base, lid & insert), soufflé cups (base & lid), black base containers and clear lids, and deli-tainers (base & lid). 

We do not accept plastic bags, glass, and aluminum pans.

Please note that drivers will not collect containers unless they are properly sanitized, placed in the F&F bag, and in a visible pickup location at your residence.

Below are some helpful tips for ensuring you properly return your containers: 

HubSpot Video


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