What is F&F SELECT?

Upon creating your F&F account, all new Members are enrolled in a 30-day trial of our SELECT VIP benefits. Once your 30-day trial has ended, you can opt-in anytime during your membership with us by clicking on the 'What's Select?' on your account landing page, as shown below:

Our SELECT membership has fantastic perks, including:
  • Access to Sunday delivery
  • Unlimited free delivery days
  • Quarterly surprise gifts
  • $150 referral rewards
  • Free menu item customizations
  • Á La Carte ordering

Best of all, SELECT members get 5% cashback on every delivery!

The rewards earned from the 5% and any referrals that sign up for their first order can be used towards weekly orders, one-time and holiday menus, and even gifts!


Screen Shot 2023-08-07 at 3.07.04 PM


Feel free to reach out to our team at contact@feastandfettle.com or 401-753-2572 with any further questions - we're happy to help! 😊